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#Good for you Family. Good for the Environment.
#Same price throughout the year.

Know Your Organic Partner

Door 2 Door Organics, D2D Organics, is an initiative of Farm Concepts, a company focused on producing & trading 100% organic products and working closely with the family farmer community in educating them and migrating them to sustainable organic farming methods.

Eating organic food has never been easier. Now is the opportunity to avoid unhealthy fruits & vegetables (F&V) grown using chemicals and harmful pesticides & get organic fruits and vegetables at your doorstep every week. The more you get to learn about the benefits of organic living, the better you will feel using our fruits and veggies.

Most of the produce is grown locally in our own farm, which is in close proximity to the city. Come rain or shine, you can be assured of the farm box at your doorstep every week.

Apart from delivering your fruits and veggies hygienically we also make sure that we have stabilized their cost for the whole year. Yes, for the entire year the cost of your veggies will be the same and we will revise it only in the beginning of next calendar year.

Organic food isn’t a luxury. It is how food is supposed to be.

Better Nutrients For Your Family

Much Better Natural Taste

Positive Impact on Kids and Women

Weekly Recipes​ In Farm Boxes

Feel Healthier & Save on Medical Expenses

Same Price Throughout The Year.

"Door 2 Door Organics now delivers Organic Veggie Boxes at your door step every week. We have pre-menued the boxes every week to give all the nutrients required to keep your family healthy. The Farm boxes come in 3 different sizes with a weekly recipe and a wide variety of vegetables. Come Rain or Shine, you can be assured of the farm box at your doorstep every week."

Know More

Most of the produce are grown in 100% Certified farms and some of our farms are in the process of getting certified. Although certification is only a process, we work more with our heart to produce and supply 100% Chemicals and Pesticide free organic products so that we are able to make a step by step impact on our living and environment.

Our farms are in close proximity to Chennai and also in Bangalore, Kodaikanal and Ooty. In the near future we look forward to bringing our consumers to the farms so that they get to see how their food is grown and they can also contribute in the farming process.

We have a team of well educated and experienced farmers who have been trained by Late Dr. G. Nammalvar who has actively involved in preaching Organic Farming and also considered as the father of organic farming in South India.The dedicated team is focussed and producing quality organic vegetables with the help of Nutrients made in house at the farm. We have few cows and goats which are part of the bio dynamic farming practice.

Your Questions… Our Answers !!!

When will my box be delivered?

Once you become a member and select your farm box, it will be delivered on a particular day of the week, based on your location. Your membership invitation letter will have the details and you will also receive a message on your registered mobile on the day of delivery every week.

What about Organic Certification?

All our farms are certified and our team also does regular visits to the farms to ensure all measures are adhered to. There is no cost of pesticides or chemicals incurred in our expenses.

Will I always get all the vegetables as per the box details?

We will strive to stick to the box details but if for some unforeseen conditions and seasonal changes, a particular vegetable is unavailable, we will substitute with a suitable alternative and ensure that the family gets a variety.

Will there be an extra cost charged based on the availability?

There will be no extra cost throughout the year. We will revise the cost only in the month of January, if required. If you order anything extra apart from the box, the cost will be extra and collected at the time of delivery.

Can I order extra vegetables in a particular week?

Yes. In case you need anything extra in a particular week, please inform us 1 day prior to your delivery date and we will confirm the same and add it into your box and charge you separately during delivery.

Can I cancel the box for a particular week because I am travelling?

Incase you are travelling or not going to be available, you can call us 1 day prior to your delivery day to let us know and we will skip the trip to your home and pass on the credit to the following month.

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